Earlier this year, Andy Nelson and Roger Camrass, a senior board advisor and visiting professor at the University of Surrey, England interviewed over 40 senior executives in leading financial, industrial, government, and IT services organizations to test a hypothesis: Do core legacy systems inhibit business’ ability to meet changing customer demands in the digital age? They wrote an excellent whitepaper setting out their key findings, which you can download by filling out the form to the right.

What You'll Discover In These Pages:
  • Why has legacy become a critical roadblock to a digital future?
  • IT Organizations must adapt to the new business environment
  • Tackling IT legacy to support digital business
  • Full integration between back and front office is the desired end goal
  • Our methodology - 'Evolution Not Revolution'
  • Towards a 'next stage' digital architecture
  • Preparing for the new digital economy
  • Insurance Sector - Joining up the dots
  • Banking Sector - Evolution not revolution
  • Manufacturing - Software is the new rust
  • IT Sector - Clouded by uncertainty
  • Public Sector - Constrained by money and politics