Legacy application owners are facing a common challenge; applications are robust and the support model works, but mainframe consumption costs are increasingly prohibitive and resources who understand the technology are becoming more and more difficult to replace. 

Some of the world’s largest financial institutions like GE Capital have come to us for our expertise in understanding legacy environments, and in migrating them to modern platforms. This case study provides an overview of the ADSO/IDMS migration we did for GE Capital, where our initial assessment showed a reduction in scope of 78%, and ultimately allowed GE Capital to move forward with this project far quicker than anticipated and at a fraction of the cost.

This case study covers the following:
  • The business case driving GE Capital's decision to modernize
  • How a Mainframe Assessment reduced scope, reduced risk, and saved money
  • Snapshots of each modernization project phase
  • Testimonials from end-users and executive management
  • The shocking reduction in cost that resulted in the end