Implementing a new ERP system to replace a “home grown” ERP built by your business over many years is challenging at best. Some of the processes within are ripe for change but many make up the heartbeat of the company, enabling success and competitive advantage. Historically, when contemplating an ERP deployment there were two choices: Modernize what you have or implement an off-the-shelf ERP system, then customize it to meet your needs. With the emergence of new technologies, many organizations are opting to create a “Blended ERP”, one that uses the best functionality of the home grown systems to decrease the time, cost, and difficulty of deploying an off-the-shelf commercial ERP system. Commercial ERPs have core capabilities that deploy well but bog down when the need to customize them to meet the “must have” needs of the business arise. “Blended ERP” combines the best of commercial solutions and the best of legacy migration technologies to simplify and reduce the risk of the transition to the new platform.

Ideal audiences for this document include:
legacy modernization, bluephoenix, cobol, mainframe
  • Technical Managers seeking to end dependency on a legacy technology
  • CIOs looking to streamline systems and add efficiencies
  • CFOs looking to dramatically reduce license spend associated with legacy systems
  • Line of Business Managers looking to integrate platforms for better service levels and performance
  • Business Analysts seeking to leverage data analytics and/or business intelligence to gain competitive advantage