Considering a legacy migration? The goal of this research paper by InfoTech
is to help companies understand what’s changed in the field of modernization,
how legacy systems can now be modernized affordably and in surprisingly
short time frames. 

This document offers a detailed evaluation and ranking of legacy migration
vendors and products to help determine which vendors are most appropriate
for particular use cases and scenarios. 

This research is designed for Enterprises running legacy applications that
recognize the need to modernize due to numerous causes including:

What You'll Discover In These Pages:
  • Cost –The legacy system is extremely expensiveand difficult to maintain
  • CIOs and CFOs seeking to leverage data analytics and/or business intelligence to gain competitive advantage
  • Limitations –The legacy system meets the core needs of the business and clients, but lacks the capability to enhance and update
  • Staff –The resources responsible for maintaining the legacy system are dying off. It is a declining skill base where no new developers are being trained