AeroSoft Systems’ COBOL migration was a unique case for us. Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada since 1997, AeroSoft Systems maintains a unique position in the aircraft maintenance management software industry. The company’s flagship software, DigiDOC™ (CMS), WebPMI™ and DigiMAINT™, work in conjunction to ensure strict adherence to the OEM aircraft requirements for regulatory compliance and safe operations. A market leader, AeroSoft Systems delivers 7x24x365 support to over 900 aircraft operated by 30 airlines worldwide.

Modern Systems' Automated Conversion service was used to translate over 800 programs from AcuCOBOL to Java and migrated data from C-ISAM to a modern SQL Server environment. 

Ideal audiences for this document include:
  • CEOs looking to keep the proven business logic and functionality of their application while getting new features to the market faster
  • CIOs looking to move from legacy systems to Microsoft stack (SQL Server, C#/.NET, CRM, etc)
  • CIOs looking to reduce maintenance cycles and unite language and platforms with other internal systems
  • CFOs looking to dramatically reduce license spend associated with legacy systems