The Employment Development Department (EDD) of California manages the unemployment and disability insurance benefit programs for over 18 million residents. EDD needed to migrate to a modern platform that could be adjusted to meet Federal mandates, grow with the future needs of the State, and be supported by available employees. Modern Systems assisted in replatforming EDD to a DB2 CICS COBOL environment that met the State of California’s requirements. 

The entire project was completed on time and under budget, enabling the State to receive over $1 billion in stimulus funds from the Federal government. 

Ideal audiences for this document include:
  • CIOs looking to streamline systems and add efficiencies
  • Enterprise Architects seeking to ensure future needs of the organization will be met in an efficient, sustainable, agile, and adaptable manner
  • Technical Managers seeking to end dependency on a legacy technology and speed development cycles by harnessing DevOps and other modern methodologies.
  • Business Analysts seeking to modernize the function of legacy systems and to streamline business processes