Analyzing the Challenge & Impact of Legacy Systems On Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is happening in varying degrees across every industry, shifting primary focus from profitability and cost reduction, to differentiation and value through customer experience. Customers embrace digital technologies as a normal and persistent part of their lives, and expectations around how digital experiences present value and inspire purchasing decisions is evolving continuously. This digital disruption is so rapid, that many companies are struggling to understand how to respond. The transformation to digital business requires more than just a mobile app and a website to compete for the modern customer’s attention. In fact, the leaders of the pack have completely retooled their organizational structures, operating models, business processes, technology, skills, and cultures.

Not surprisingly, younger, tech-centric firms often out-pace their larger, established counterparts in the digital transformation arena. Many century-old banks are struggling to pump out mobile apps and features as fast as they can to compete with cloud and mobile-first disruptors, whose business models are almost entirely digital. Without applying digital thinking across everything they do, established firms will continue to fall short of their newer, more agile counterparts, and their biggest road block is legacy systems.

This whitepaper investigates the drivers of digital transformation, the challenges businesses face in transition, and the integral role legacy modernization plays in digital business success.