Navigating Legacy Modernization and the Cloud in an Increasingly Virtualized World

Cloud computing, a concept where elastically scalable capabilities are delivered as a service, has evolved from a disruptive, often confusing concept at the leading edge of information technology to a mainstream component of most business operations. Now entering its second decade, modern cloud computing has changed the way companies deliver services to customers, partners, and users. Increasingly, as a result of its broad adoption, successes, and flexibility, organizations considering mainframe modernization often look to the cloud as a target solution to house highly variable or unpredictable workloads, and often the entire breadth of their modernized legacy systems.

This whitepaper discusses the intersection between legacy systems and unique advantages offered by cloud computing environments when addressing modernization.

What You'll Discover In These Pages:

The Sky’s the Limit - Why more firms are turning to cloud computing
  • Why Evolve Away From Legacy Systems? - Common drivers pushing firms to retire big iron
  • Developing A Modernization-to-Cloud Strategy - Not all applications are suitable for cloud deployment. We'll tell you what to look for and how
  • Panning for Gold - We dig into three focus areas that can assist in smart cloud deployment decisions.
  • Liftoff - Best practices and techniques for modernizing applications & workloads for the cloud