The Savannah River Operations Office (DOE-SR) is a Department of Energy (DOE) industrial complex in the US State of South Carolina that is responsible for the environmental management of nuclear weapons material disposal. 

A key piece of the federally mandated security procedure implemented at this facility is the visitor tracking system. This system was housed on an IBM zSeries mainframe using Natural application code and an Adabas database. Modern Systems was able to move the Natural applications to a Windows environment, refactor the Adabas database and data to a relational database, implement the results on DOE-SR hardware, and have the DOE-SR business perform Acceptance Testing within 5 months. 

This case study covers the following:
  • The business case driving USDOE's decision to modernize
  • The assessment process
  • Database conversion
  • Natural replatforming with ATP
  • THE USDOE's success story